Depositions Abroad

Lawyers from the United States often do depositions in foreign countries.  Word for Word Transcripts provides audio/video recording and broadcasting services for many American depositions that happen in Canada and England.  We offer services in very rural and remote areas, particularly in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Cornwall England.

Technology and Training 

From real time streaming and recording to shorthand reporting, we have advanced technology and videographers that are trained to conduct video conferences and broadcast these interviews for American companies.  We have advanced broadcasting capabilities that allow lawyers to interview witnesses’ right from their desktop or laptop computer.


We offer 24/7 support.  We help clients install the necessary programs to interview witnesses from their office computers and we also do practice runs to ensure that things flow smoothly on the day of the deposition.  We also aim to meet our clients concerns regarding filing of exhibits, drafting of undertakings and any other concerns our clients may have. Please click here to contact us!